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Sailboat racing is in our blood.  Feel the same?
Come and see us in action or bring your boat and race with us!

Our Code of Conduct

1.  Learn and sail by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)


2. Always call infractions by hailing twice "66 protests 55", "66 protests 55".


3.  Acknowledge protests and perform penalty turn(s) as soon as possible.


4.  Follow the Corinthian Spirit and do penalty turns, even when not protested.


5.  Refrain at all times from making derogatory or demeaning remarks, be friendly and courteous.


6.  Help new or less skilled members with sailing technique, technical problems, or understanding the RRS.


7.  Remember to be a good sportsman at all times, because this is a fun sport.

Top 10 Basic Rules of Sailing

1.  When boats are on opposite tacks, the port tack boat must keep clear of the starboard tack boat.


2.  On the same tack and overlapped, the windward boat must keep clear of the leeward boat.


3.  On the same tack and not overlapped, the boat clear astern must keep clear of the boat clear ahead.


4.  A boat that begins the process of tacking or gybing must keep clear of boats that are not tacking or gybing. If you are tacking you lose your rights until you are settled on a close-hauled course.


5.  When a boat acquires the right-of-way (such as gybing her boom to a starboard tack), this boat must initially give the other boats room to keep clear.  After a brief period of time, the boat can exercise her newly acquired rights.


6.  When a right-of-way boat changes course (even a little bit), this boat must initially give the other boat room to keep clear. You cannot quickly change your course to force another boat into a foul.


7.  If a boat comes from behind you and begins to overtake your boat from the leeward side, and if that boat is within 2 boat lengths off your leeward side as it begins to overlap you, that boat is not allowed to sail above its proper course.  In other words, it is not allowed to push you up into the no-go zone.


8.  When boats are overlapped approaching a turning mark, the outside boat must give the inside boat enough room to round, provided that the overlap was established before the lead boat entered the 4 boat-length zone.  This rule does not apply at a starting mark as boats are approaching the start.  The inside overlap boat does not have rights to room at the starting mark.  This rule does apply at the finishing mark.  A boat that has established inside overlap prior to the 4-boat-length zone must be given room to finish.


9.  You must round all marks in the direction specified by race committee, and you must not touch a mark.  The committee boat is considered a mark.  The penalty for touching a mark is one full penalty turn (360). 


10.  Fouls should be exonerated on the course by getting clear of other boats, and doing two full penalty turns (except #9 above which is one full penalty turn). A boat must conduct her penalty turns before reaching the next mark of the course.


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