Soling 1Meter

The Soling 1meter boat is the largest class within the AMYA with over 3,100 boats registered.  It is also the largest class raced within NMYC. 


The boat is inexpensive, easy to sail and the manufacturer offers kits as well as finished boats.  The LOA is 39.38 inches with 592 sq. inches of sail, 10 inches of draft and a 10 pound minimum weight.


Contact Soling fleet captains Randy Williams ( John Jerse ( for further information.

Boat Classes We Race



The EC-12 is the largest boat sailed by the club.   The EC-12 is approximately five feet long with a mast standing six feet over the deck.  The EC-12 weighs in at 23 pounds. Being a larger model with a graceful design, the EC-12 sails and handles much like a full sized boat. 


The original EC-12M hull was a towing tank model for a Charlie Morgan twelve meter. The hull design sheds dead leaves and other flotsam, an important feature when sailing on inland lakes.


Several members of NMYC race in six Regattas around the state from October thru April. 


Contact Ted Flack, ( EC-12 fleet captain for more information.


The Seawind One Design Class is39.3 inches long with a beam of 8.9 inches weighing 6.5lb minimum.  The sail area is 604 square inches. KYOSHO manfactures the Seawind. 


Contact Chuck Weaver ( for assistance and recommendations for your SeaWind. 

DragonFlite 95

The DragonFlite 95 is the newest class that is actively raced by NMYC members.  The attraction is a boat that comes 95% ready to race. All you do is rig the sails, add the batteries and bind your receiver and transmiter. 


The D-95 Red & White Fleet Captain is  David Boulanger (


NMYC  sponsored the AMYA National Championship D-95 Regatta on November 10 - 12th, 2017. Over 40 skippers from 4 countries and 10 states participated with great competition.

Check out the DF-95 tuning guide updated February, 2017.

Dragonflite 65

The little brother of the DF-95 the DF-65 is a smaller version, but it has all the "go fast" features of the 95 like carbon fiber keel, drum winch room for a four pack LIFe battery pack and rigging just like the 95. 

Denny Ginsburg ( serves as Fleet Captain for this exciting new class.