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Sailboat Classes We Race

Soling 1Meter

The Soling 1meter sailboat is the largest sanctioned AMYA class with over 3,100 registered boats.  NMYC has over 50 sailors who own this class sailboat. 


The boat is inexpensive, easy to sail, and the manufacturer offers kits as well as finished boats.  The LOA is 39.38 inches with 592 sq. inches of sail, 10 inches of draft and a 10 pound minimum weight.


The Soling Red and White Fleet Captains are Ted Flack ( and TBD ( respectively.  Richard Flach is the off-season fleet captain.


DragonFlite 95

The DragonFlite 95 is arguably the fastest growing class in the U.S.  NMYC's DF95 fleet is over 45 sailors strong, competitive, and alternates between scored and fun races to encourage maximum participation.


The boat is 95cm in length and arrives 90% ready to race.  Just rig the sails, add batteries, and bind the receiver with the transmitter. 


The D-95 Red and White Fleet Captains are Dick Hedderick ( and TBD ( respectively.

NMYC  hosted the AMYA's DF95 National Championship Regatta in November, 2017. 40 plus skippers from 4 countries and 10 states participated in this great event.

Check out the DF-95 tuning guide updated January, 2018.

DF65 20200907.jpeg

DragonForce 65

The little brother of the DF-95, the DF-65 is a smaller version, but it has all the "go fast" features of the 95 like carbon fiber keel, drum winch room for a four pack LIFe battery pack and rigging just like the 95. 

Fleet Captains:

In-Season: Hank Sykes

OffSeason: Sam Westbladh

iSeaWind Downwind 20200908.jpeg


The Seawind One Design Class is 39.3 inches long with a beam of 8.9 inches weighing 6.5lb minimum.  The sail area is 604 square inches. KYOSHO manfactures the Seawind. 


Contact Chuck Weaver ( for assistance and recommendations for your SeaWind. 



The International One Meter is the newest fleet in our club and grew to twelve very active boats during the first three months of 2023.


The IOM requires a more significant financial commitment than the other classes we support and will appeal to sailors who know and adhere to the RRS.

For more information about this class, click on this link:

Ron Stryker,( is the IOM fleet captain.

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