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2023 NMYC Executive  Committee


Your Name Here!


Position Available.  The ideal candidate will be able to leap small buildings in a single bound; faster than a Segway; preferably with a large "S" on chest.  To make your interest known, contact:


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Vice Commodore

Position Available.  The ideal candidate will be able to leap door sills in a single bound; walk without tripping; preferably with a medium "S" on chest.  To make your interest known, contact:

         Sam Westbladh

Sam is from Stockholm Sweden. He worked as a pilot for both the Air Force and commercial airlines. Now retired, he has lived in Estero with his wife since 2018.

Although he hadn't had previous race experience, he spent years enjoying recreational sailing in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.

Sam Joined NMYC in 2019 which was his first contact with the radio controlled sport.

Sam has steadily increased his racing skills and currently competes in the DF65 and DF95 Red Fleets.

Ron Stryker


Ron retired in 2017 after 40 years of small business ownership and joined the NMYC in 2018.  Although new to RC sailing, he has been an active racer in the DF95, DF65, Soling 1M, and IOM classes.  He grew up in Chicago and spent his summers in Wisconsin racing C and A scows.  Ron has served as Treasurer in multiple sailing organizations and raced on the MC Scow circuit for 30 years.


Gerhard Kelter

Rear Commodore


Your Name Here!
Race Committee Chairman

Gerhard has served as our Club Secretary for seven years. He was the recipient of the Club's highest honor, the Corinthian Spirit award in 2014. Many Club members have benefited from the sailing rules classes he teaches with David Boulanger. These classes have helped us all become better skippers.

Position Available.  Qualified candidates will have a working knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing and experience in setting race courses. Responsibilities for the 2023 season include: assigning RDs/ARDs for counted races, coordinating the design and purchase of fleet and championship trophies, and assigning RDs/ARDs for the DF95 and S1M Championship events. 

To make your interest known, contact:

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