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Frequently Asked Quesions...

Question 1:  Why do I need to join AMYA before joining NMYC?

Answer 1:     We partner with AMYA to secure pond owner insurance of $1M coverage and up to $1M for each claim.  Because over 60 clubs like ours partner with AMYA we are able to secure liability coverage for the pond owner and this helps us secure ponds to race our boats on at a very reasonable annual cost. 

Question 2:  Why do I have to learn the Racing Rules of Sailing?

Answer 2:     Consider the analogy of driving a need to know the rules in order to drive safely in a crowded environment.  Many times we have 15 boats racing toward a windward mark so it is important that we all know and understand the basic "rules of the road".  

Question 3:  Where can I buy a used R/C sailboat? 

Answer 3:     Start out by checking the classified section of this website.  We post pictures of boats for sale as a service for our club members.  You can also check with websites hosted by builders, distributors, the AMYA, and its sanctioned clubs.  Go to the AMYA homepage to find links to these resources.  

Question 4:  Is there someone in Naples Model Yacht Club who can help me to learn how tune my boat?

Answer 4:     Yes, contact your fleet captain listed in this web site. He is an expert in setting up his class of boat. You may download set-up and tuning guides for our most popular classes from the builders'/distributors' websites, Class Associations, and the Classes We Race page of our website. 

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