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Model Sailing links

US SAILING is the National governing body for the sport of sailing.  You're encouraged to join and receive a discount on your copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2020-2024, to include Appendix E, Radio Sailing Racing Rules.

Associations (click on link below to view):

US SAILING  (National Governing Body for the sport of sailing)

AMYA    (American Model Yachting Association)  

DF65    (Boat registration & Class rules)

DF95    (Boat registration & Class rules)

EC-12 [National] (Boat registration & Class rules)

EC-12 [Florida]    (Florida Association)


SeaWind  (Boat registration & Class rules)

Soling 1M (Boat registration & Class rules)


AliExpress (DF65/95 Rudder Servos-30 Day Lead-time)

Family Hobby Center (local Naples retailer)

Leading Edge Hobbies 

Sail Carriers & More  (TX rain covers & sail carriers)

TM RC BoatYard (Sail grommets; Canadian DF65/95 Dist.)

Tower Hobbies (Batteries)

Ultimate Boat Stand (for DF65 & DF95)



DF95/DF65   Dragon Sailing


EC-12             Chesapeake Performance Models

SeaWind        Kyosho America

Soling 1M      Vac-U-Soling

                        3DRC Boats


Carr Sails  (Sails for AMYA classes)

Cat Sails (DF65 & DF95)

Hot Sails (DF65 & DF95)

John B Sails (EC-12)  

Sirius Sails (DF65, DF95, EC-12, & Soling 1M)

Soch Sails (DF65 & DF95)

Tippecanoe Boats (SeaWind)

Windjammin Sails (DF65, DF95, & Soling 1M)

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